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Accordion 33s Collection

Here follows a list of Vintage Accordion 33s. Most have been out of the manufacturer's catalog for five to fifty years. These records either are one-of-a-kind, or exist in very small quantities. This may be your last chance to acquire these rare originals.

Album grading follows standard record collector's practice:

+ and - signs following grading further defines condition. Nothing below VG is sold here.

Grading should be pretty easy to figure out. Except in the case of a few super rarities, prices range from $1 to $5. A $5 record should be in great shape. A $1 record should be in average (very playable) condition. Yet, less rare items may be priced at $3 in nearly new shape.

Shipping and handling will be $2 for the first record and $.50 for each additional record. Please allow two weeks for checks to clear before shipment. Records are guaranteed for condition if returned in the same shape within 3 weeks.

In the U.S., shipment will be by UPS unless otherwise requested. UPS orders are automatically insured for $100. A street address is required. Please add sufficient payment for insurance on postal shipments or UPS shipments above $100.

For overseas orders, please pay by cash or postal money order in US funds. We can either send by UPS or US mail. Overseas orders generally go parcel post unless you pay extra for Air Mail.

Have fun browsing through these great vintage recordings. Happy Shopping!

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